Urgent support for human rights defenders

The information below provides the names and contacts of organisations providing emergency support to human rights defenders, ranging from immediate to long term support, relocation, and more. 

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Protect Defenders

Protect Defenders delivers emergency financial and material support to individual HRDs at risk, for physical security, digital security, communications, capacity building in security, secure transportation, legal support, medical support (including psycho-social support and rehabilitation), humanitarian assistance (including family support), urgent relocation and monitoring, reporting and advocacy.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: contact@protectdefenders.eu

Application: https://www.protectdefenders.eu/en/form-c1.html

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, ES, PT


Front Line Defenders (FLD)

The FLD provides financial support to improve the physical and digital security of an organisation or individual. Grants can also be used to support legal and medical fees, as well as to assist imprisoned HRDs or family members who are at risk because of a HRD’s activities.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: grants@frontlinedefenders.org

Application: https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/en/programme/protection-grants

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, ES, PT


Euro Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF)

The EMHRF provides financial support to help counter threats against individual lives and/or those of members of their family and reinforce the visibility and pursuit of their activities at a strategic timing.

Eligibility: South Mediterranean region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Israel).

Contact: grants@frontlinedefenders.org

Application: http://emhrf.org/standard-grants/

Languages: EN, FR, AR


International federation for human rights (FIDH)

Costs eligible for financial support or direct material support include the following: physical security, digital security, communications, capacity building in security, secure transportation, legal support, medical support (including psycho-social support and rehabilitation), humanitarian assistance (including family support), urgent relocation, urgent monitoring, reporting or advocacy).

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: C1@fidh.org

Application: https://www.fidh.org/IMG/pdf/form_emergencyassistance_hrd_eng.pdf

More information: https://www.fidh.org/en/issues/human-rights-defenders/financial-support/

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR


World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)

OMCT grants material assistance and emergency support to human rights defenders working in the most difficult circumstances, as well as financial support to strengthen sensitive initiatives, in any region of the world.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: grants@omct.org

Application: http://www.omct.org/human-rights-defenders/links/2015/10/d23598/

Languages: EN, ES, FR


Defend Defenders

Defend Defender provides emergency assistance in the East and Horn of Africa. Their priority areas include women human rights defenders, human rights defenders working on sexual minorities issues, defenders in zones of armed conflict, and Journalists.

Eligibility: East and Horn of Africa, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia (including Somaliland), Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Contact: info@defendersdefenders.org

Application: https://www.defenddefenders.org/get-help/

Languages: EN, ES, FR


European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

EIDHR provides small grants on an ad-hoc basis to HRDs in need of urgent support. The list of activities is non-exhaustive, what matters is the gravity of the situation, its emergency and the effectiveness of the action in favour of the HRD at risk are the criteria considered in assessing and prioritising the cases.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: support@ec.europa.eu

Application: https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/node/1071

Languages: EN


Asian forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)

FORUM-ASIA’s ‘Protection Plan’ for HRDs at risk was developed to provide timely and efficient assistance to HRDs at risk in Asia, through temporary relocation and other types of urgent assistance.

Eligibility: The HRD applying shall be from one of the member/partner organisations of FORUM-ASIA or works on human rights issues together with FORUM-ASIA’s members/partners organisations in Asia.

Contact: protection@forum-asia.org

Application: https://www.forum-asia.org/

Languages: EN


Digital Freedom

DFF funds three types of activities: single-instance litigation, pre-litigation research, and emergency support.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: grants@digitalfreedomfund.org

Application: https://digitalfreedomfund.org/application-process/

Languages: EN


Urgent Action Fund Africa

UAF-Africa provides financial support for strategic interventions that take advantage of opportunities to advance women’s human rights. Grants are amde in five categories (1) Defending the defenders (2) Protecting women’s individual dignity, safety and autonomy (3) Justice and the rule of law (4) Economic Justice and (5) Natural Resource Governance & Climate Change.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: proposals@uaf-africa.org

Application: https://www.uaf-africa.org/

Languages: EN, FR, AR, PT, SWA.


Urgent Action Fund Asia or the Pacific

UAF-Asia provides two types of grants, the Security and Well Being Grant

and the Resoucing Resilience Grant.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: info@uafanp.org

Application: https://www.uafanp.org/apply-now

Languages: EN, FR, AR, PT, SWA.


Agir Ensemble Pour Les Droits de l’Homme (AEDH)

AEDH’s emergency fund assistance includes evacuation aid, relocation assistance, legal assistance, medical aid and intervention with authorities.

Eligibility: Central Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, East and South Asia or the Pacific. 

Contact: agir-ensemble@aedh.org

Application: https://www.aedh.org/en/home/what-we-do/emergency-fund-for-human-rights-defenders?id=224

Languages: EN, ES, FR


CSO Lifeline

Lifeline provides small, short-term emergency grants through Freedom House and FrontLine Defenders. Grants are available for CSOs threatened because of their human rights work and can address security, medical expenses, legal representation, prison visits, trial monitoring, temporary relocation, equipment replacement, and other urgently needed expenses.

Eligibility: Worldwide 

Contact: info@csolifeline.org

Application: https://www.csolifeline.org/emergency-assistance

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, FA


CSO Resiliency grants

Lifeline also provide resiliency grants to support CSOs at-risk CSOs, so they can proactively avoid or mitigate threats and continue their work in high-risk environments. These grants can be used for a broad range of activities, such digital or physical security training; technical training on how to respond to restrictive CSO legislation; building peer-to-peer support networks or establishing temporary collaborative space to help CSOs return to work.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: Apply through different partners, 1). Freedom House: advocacy@csolifeline.org; 2). ICNL: lifeline@icnl.org; 3). SILC: lifeline@silc.se; 4). CIVICUS: crisis.response@civicus.org

Application: https://www.csolifeline.org/resiliency-grants

Languages: EN, ES, FR, PT


Free Press Unlimitted

Provides a Security fund to support journalists and media organisations in distress, facing obstruction, vandalism, or intimidations, as a result of their work.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: reportersrespond@freepressunlimited.org

Application: https://www.freepressunlimited.org/en/safety-for-journalists/emergency-support

Languages: EN, NL


Free Press Unlimitted - Legal defense

Provides a Legal Defense fund to support  journalists and media organisations facing prosecution or imprisonment with lawyer or trial costs.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: legalfund@freepressunlimited.org

Application: https://www.freepressunlimited.org/en/safety-for-journalists/legal-defense-fund-for-journalists

Languages: EN, NL


Reporters without Borders

(RSF) provides financial and administrative assistance to professional journalists and citizen-journalists who have been the victims of reprisals because of their reporting.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: assistance@rsf.org for NGO and media outlet requests assistance2@sf.org for individual requests

Application: https://rsf.org/en/individual-support

Languages: EN, NL


Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ's Emergencies Response Team provides comprehensive, life-saving support to journalists and media support staff working around the world through up-to-date safety and security information and rapid response assistance to journalists at risk.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: report_violation@cpj.org

Application: https://cpj.org/emergency-response/how-to-get-help.php

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, TR


Rory Peck Trust

Rory Peck Trust offers free rapid response services, assistance grants, training funds, online resources, awards and partnerships, to freelance journalists and their families worldwide. Grants are targeted to medical and rehabilitation costs, emergency subsistence, legal advice, and relocation costs. Online resources consist of safety and security, digital security, risks assessments and insurance guidance. 

Note: Assistance grants forms are available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Eligibility: Freelance journalists, photographers, fixers, cameramen and filmmakers, who have worked in newsgathering and/or current affairs for a minimum of 18 months.

Contact: assistance@rorypecktrust.org

Application: https://rorypecktrust.org/resources



Urgent Action Fund Latin America & the Caribbean

Delivers financial support to women activists and defenders, their collectives, or organisations in situations of risk or threat which impacts their safety and security

Eligibility: Latin America & the Caribbean

Contact: apoyos3@fondoaccionurgente.org.co

Application: https://fondoaccionurgente.org.co/

Languages: EN, ES, PT


Dignity for All

The Dignity for All: LGBTI Assistance Program is a consortium of eight leading human rights and LGBTI organizations that provides emergency assistance, advocacy funding, and security support to human rights defenders and civil society organisations under attack because of their work for LGBTI people or communities.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: info@dignitylgbti.org 

Application: http://www.dignitylgbti.org/

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, FAR, CHI


International Lawyers Observatory

Provides financial support to lawyers who have no revenues because they were revoked from the BAR. Other urgent assistance consists of organising emergency defense missions for lawyers tried in their country and reporting to national and international authorities the various cases of lawyers, suffering threats, pressures, tortures, disparitions and other damages of their physical and moral integrity.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: contact@oiad.org

Application: https://www.protect-lawyers.com/en/the-observatory/#missions

Languages: EN, FR


Artist Protection Fund

The Artist Protection Fund (APF)offers fellowship grants and welcomes inquiries from threatened artists directly or from individuals or institutions nominating threatened artists for support. APF is for artists who are facing or have recently fled from immediate, severe, and targeted threats to their lives and/or careers in their home countries or countries of residence. Artists are placed at host institutions and art centers in safe countries where they can continue their work and plan their next steps. 

Eligibility: Worldwide, artists from any artistic discipline/practice may apply.

Contact: APF@iie.org

Application: https://www.iie.org/Programs/Artist-Protection-Fund#.V-VIqpMrIXo

Languages: EN

Shelter city, Netherlands

The Shelter City Netherlands initiative provides human rights defenders from any country and of all kinds (journalists, lawyers, social activists, etc), the opportunity to recharge energies and strengthen their capacities and skills within a 3 months relocation and training programme, in one of the 14 Shelter Cities in the Netherlands. During this period participants are, trained in areas such as digital, organisational and physical security; have access to psychological and well-being sessions and; are able to expand their network with organisations in the Netherlands and in Europe. Applications are open twice a year in May and November. Calls for applications will be published on the website below. To keep up-to-date follow the Shelter City Initiative on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

More information: https://www.justiceandpeace.nl/initiatives/shelter-city-human-rights-support/

Email: info@sheltercity.org    


Shelter city Tbilisi, Georgia

The Tbilisi Shelter City programme aims to reduce human rights defenders' risks, helping them to relocate temporary for a maximum period of 3 months. During this time, human rights defenders of all kinds, including lawyers, social activists, employees of public organisations, journalists whose professional activities are related to human rights, are provided with housing, education, as well as psychological and medical assistance if needed. Defenders also receive training in safety, advocacy, communications, and other topics of their interest and have the opportunity to acquire new proffesional contacts. Applications are open along the year. Applicants should work in one of the following countries: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Applicants should be willing to take part in the three-month programme independently. Only in exceptional cases human rights defenders can participate with the closest family members.

More information: www.facebook.com/tbs.shelter/

Email: tbs.shelter@gmail.com

Phone: +99 555 543 0046


Protect Defenders

Protect Defenders together with national, regional and international organisations provide temporary shelter according to Human Rights Defenders needs. This means relocation is arranged within their own country or region or outside it, if necessary. Applications should be conform to the Grants Applications Guidelines. ProtectDefenders.eu accepts applications sent directly by individuals at risk or by potential host organisations. Prior to relocation, preventive measures for personal security and protection will be prioritized depending on the case. Protect Defenders offers other types of grants and training support. For more information please click on the Grants button on the upper left and search for General.


More information: https://www.protectdefenders.eu/en/supporting-defenders.html#modal-2

Email: tr@protectdefenders.eu

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, ES, PT


CSO Lifeline

Lifeline is a consortium of international non-governmental organisations and various governments that aims to push back against civic space threats. CSO Lifeline offers relocation assistance. This could be moving your office to a safer neighborhood, moving staff to a different city or country or temporarily relocating in a secure environment. To be eligible to apply, the risk or threats of an attack against yourself or your organisation, must have occurred in the last three months. Please submit your interest to apply via email and CSO will sent you an application form. Secure ways of communication, such PGP, encrypted email or encrypted chat communication. If these don’t seem familiar to you, CSO can walk you through the process on how to use them.


More information: https://www.csolifeline.org/emergency-assistance

Application email: info@csolifeline.org For Latin American applicants: lac@csolifeline.org

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, RU, FA

 La Maison des Journalistes (the Journalists’ house)

The Maison des Journalistes (MDJ) is a French foundation that protects journalists who have been forced to flee their countries because of persecution relating to their work. Journalists can stay in a secure building in the city of Paris in France, for a maximum period of six months. Along with a great opportunity to rest and continue their work in a safe environment, meals, monthly transportation passes, and French language classes are offered.  Administrative and cultural accompaniment are provided to accompany the journalists in their asylum process, during the stay and after.


More information: http://www.maisondesjournalistes.org/about-la-maison-des-journalistes/

Email: mdj@maisondesjournalistes.org

Application:  https://www.maisondesjournalistes.org/formulaire-admission/

Emergency Lines, Skype and secure Email forms

Access Now

Are you a human rights defender, activist, media organisation, journalist or blogger under attacked? Has your site been blocked or taken offline? Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline provides real-time emergency assistance within two hours in nine languages. Call free-of-charge resource, the Helpline will walk you or your organisation through assessing the risks you face in order to prioritize your digital security needs. Access Now will help you resolve existing problems, teach you best practices, and how to prevent potential threats. 


Phone: 1(888) 414 0100

Email: help@accessnow.org

Site: https://www.accessnow.org/help/



Defenders Defenders

Are you a human rights defender in the East and Horn of Africa and in need of emergency assistance? The following Emergency line is available 24/7 . Defend defenders could help you reduce your vulnerability to the risk and enhance your capacity. You could also complete a secure email form.

Phone: 256-783-027611

Email: protection@defenddefenders.org

Site: https://www.defenddefenders.org/get-help/



FrontLine Defenders

Are you at serious risk as a result of defending human rights? Rapidly contact FrontLine Denferdes on the number below, via Skype or filling a secure email form. FrontLine Defenders could improve your visilibity, raising your case through the EU or individual government representatives. This non profit could also assist you with temporary relocation, medical needs and/or legal expenses. 


Phone: 353 (0) 1 21 00 489

Skype: front-line-emergency

Email: info@frontlinedefenders.org

Site: https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/emergency-contact

Access Now


Access now provides grantee-driven funding to grassroots and frontline organisations in low- and middle-income countries working with users and communities most at risk of and most detrimentally impacted, online or off, by digital rights violations.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: info@accessnow.org

Application: https://www.accessnow.org/grants/

Languages: EN, ES, FR, AR, PT, IT, GM, TAG



Digital Defenders


DgD offers sustainable emergency grants for any NGO, human rights or media organisation dealing with their own or others’ digital emergencies.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: ddp@hivos.org 

Application: https://www.digitaldefenders.org/#section-ddp

Languages: EN


Digital Freedom Fund


DFF funds three types of activities: single-instance litigation, pre-litigation research, and emergency support. Organisations supporting individuals to exercise their right to privacy, protecting and promoting the free flow of information online and ensuring accountability, transparency and the adherence to human rights standards in the use and design of technology are eligible. Applications for projects that fall outside these general thematic focus areas mentioned, are also welcome, as long as they contribute to advancing the respect for human rights in the digital sphere. Cases need to have the potential for impact extending beyond the parties directly involved in the case and for bringing about legislative, policy or social change.Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Eligibility: Council of Europe Member States

Contact: grants@digitalfreedomfund.org

Application: https://digitalfreedomfund.org/application-process/

Languages: EN




Digital Services

Qurium Media Foundation offers a free Rapid Response Service to independent journalists and human rights organisations from repressive regimes. Their Rapid Response service focuses on: 1). Forensic Analysis 2). Unreachable websites 3). Compromised websites 4). Malicious websites 5). Malware analysis 6). Sites Migration. If you, or any of your grantees, partners or other trusted organisations or individuals, are facing digital attacks targeting their online presence or means of digital communications, don’t hesitate to reach Qurium pressing the red button on their website.

Eligibility: Investigative journalists, independent media, human rights organizations and activists working in Internet repressive regimes.

Contact: emergency@virtualroad.org

Application: https://www.qurium.org/rapid-response/

Languages: EN



Rapid Digital Services response and funding

Greenhost is a Dutch company that provides organisations and activists, journalists and other human rights defenders, facing digital attacks and emergencies of various kinds, rapid response and IT services with an ethical and sustainable approach. Has your website been frequently attacked? Then you are suitable to apply for the Greenhost Rapid Response Fund. This fund is initiated by the Open Technology Fund (OTF) and Greenhost is one of the providers. It aims to facilitate a strong digital emergency response in a timely and comprehensive manner. Because of the nature of this funding, the support is only available when there is a clear time-sensitive digital emergency in which applicants are seeking short-term and urgent support.


More information: https://greenhost.net/internet-freedom/

Contact: support@greenhost.net

24/7 via telephone: +31 20 489 0 444

Languages: EN, NL



The Natalia Project 

Is the world’s first alarm and positioning system for human rights defenders at risk. The participants wear the Natalia Project alarm on their wrists. In case of an attack, a pull of the wristband activates the alarm upon which a distress signal is sent to Civil Rights Defenders headquarters in Stockholm. The signal is then verified by people on the ground. Within minutes of the attack, the signal is also sent out to global social media platforms, allowing people all over the globe to immediately get involved and exercise pressure on the regime. Applications to get a bracelet are collected via email. 

Contact: nataliaproject@civilrightsdefenders.org

More information: http://www.civilrightsdefenders.org


  • Digital Support
  • Relocation

Digital Defenders - Sustainable Grant

DgD provides financial support to any NGO, human rights or media organisation that deal with their own or others’ digital emergencies and are facing threats due to the work they are doing. Sustainable grants can be used for training staff members, secure internet infrastructure in an office, setting up security policies or secure data storage systems for sensitive files. 

Eligibility: Awarded if it concerns a project in internet repressive and transitional countries.

Contact: team@digitaldefenders.org

Application: https://www.digitaldefenders.org/sections/direct-support-grants/

Languages: EN


Shelter City Netherlands

The Shelter City Netherlands initiative provides human rights defenders from any country and of all kinds (journalists, lawyers, social activists, etc), the opportunity to recharge energies and strengthen their capacities and skills within a 3 months relocation and training programme, in one of the 14 Shelter Cities in the Netherlands. During this period participants are, trained in areas such as digital, organisational and physical security; have access to psychological and well-being sessions and; are able to expand their network with organisations in the Netherlands and in Europe. Applications are open twice a year in May and November. Calls for applications will be published on the website below. To keep up-to-date follow the Shelter City Initiative on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

More information: https://www.justiceandpeace.nl/initiatives/shelter-city-human-rights-support/

Email: info@sheltercity.org    


International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) is an organisation for cities and regions that offer long-term (up to two years) temporary refuge to persecuted writers, artists, musicians, editors, and translators within more than 70 locations in Europe, and Central America. Applicants are unable to choose a city, instead ICORN tries to match city and writer/artist as suitably as possible, depending on the urgency of the case, capacity of the city, cultural profile, etc. Are you facing a direct consequence because or your writing or artistic production? Have you been sentenced or at risk of beign sentenced to prison term? or unable to express yourself? To apply for temporary relocation complete the ICORN Residency Application form in the link below.  Answers coud take more than a month, for urgent relocation please refer to the Urgent Immediate Support section. 



More information: https://www.icorn.org/application-guide-writers-and-artists-risk

York - CAHR

The Centre for Applied Human Rights runs a Protective Fellowship Scheme that invites Human rights defenders to live in York in the United Kingdom, for a period of three to six months. During this time human rights defenders benefit both from time away from a difficult environment, and from educational resources designed to increase their effectiveness and their ability to influence policy and practice when they return home. The Center cannot consider individual petitions, nominations to the fellowships are only accepted from recognised civil society organisations working in human rights and/or specifically with human rights defenders. A call for nominations usually goes out in February/March and the fellows are expected to arrive in York in either mid-September or early January.

More information: https://www.york.ac.uk/cahr/defenders/protective-fellowship/

Martin Roth Initiative

The Martin Roth Initiative protects artists who are committed in their home country to the freedom of art, democracy and human rights. Successful candidates receive a monthly scholarship and temporary residence in Germany or third countries with a duration of 12 to 24 months. This initiative aims to ensure that, at the end of the scholarship period, it is possible for the scholarship holder to return safely to their home country. The initiative puts an emphasis on collaboration with the cultural scenes and local civil society in the host countries, so elected participants are enabled to enhace their professional development. The Martin Roth-Initiative also commission research on relocation and protection.


More information: https://www.martin-roth-initiative.de/en


Defenders in Dordrecht

Defenders in Dordrecht offers human rights defenders who have been under pressure for a long time, a short stay in Dordrecht, Netherlands, to rest, reflect and recharge, so they can continue the struggle for freedom and human rights in their country. Selected defenders are granted a shelter, a modest contribution to livelihood, care where necessary, a social network and training in self-care, safety, stress management, etc. 

More information: http://www.defendersindordrecht.org/

Email: info@defendersindordrecht.org



Defendred y su proyecto Casa de Respiro ofrece a defensores y defensoras de derechos humanos una estancia por varias semanas, para descansar, respirar, recuperarse física y psicológicamente, en una casa de protección localizada en la Sierra Norte de la Comunidad de Madrid, España. Defendred también propicia encuentros con la sociedad española para que los defensores y defensoras puedan explicar y dar a conocer la realidad de su comunidad y de su trabajo. Para aplicar complete el formulario de contacto.


Más información: http://www.defenred.org/paginas/casa-de-respiro/


Casa La serena

Casa La Serena es un espacio de estancia temporal en Oaxaca, México para la recuperación, sanación, descanso y reflexión de defensoras de derechos humanos que atraviesan por situaciones de cansancio extremo, desgaste emocional o físico, crisis personales, duelos o pérdidas no resueltas u otras circunstancias que derivan del contexto de violencia y cultura patriarcal en el que desarrollan su trabajo y que obstaculizan su labor de defensa. Las defensoras pueden aplicar individualmente, con familiares o grupos de trabajo. Para aplicar elabore una carta de motivación y enviela a casaserena.dh@gmail.com. Las preseleccionadas seran convocadas a una entrevista diagnóstica.


Más información: https://im-defensoras.org/la-serena/

  • Legal Support
  • Human Rights Awards

FreePress Unlimited

The FPU provide a legal defense fund to financiallysupport journalists, media workers, and media organisations who are at legal risk because of their profession. To be eligible you have to be a practicing media worker or media organisation; Your situation is a direct result of you being a media worker or media organisation; and your situation can be confirmed by at least two trusted sources outside of yourself.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: legalfund@freepressunlimited.org 

Application: https://www.freepressunlimited.org/en/safety-for-journalists/legal-defense-fund-for-journalists

Languages: EN, NL



MLDI provides legal aid to ensure that journalists, bloggers and media outlets have an effective legal defence when cases are launched against them. MLDI supports all applications that fall within their mandate, however, they prioritise cases that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • There is a real risk that the case will result in the imprisonment of the journalist concerned;
  • There is a real risk that the case will result in the bankruptcy of the media outlet or journalist concerned;
  • There is a real risk that the case will end in the closure of the media outlet concerned;
  • MLDI is the only realistic avenue to provide the assistance required;
  • The case is of potential strategic importance

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: info@mediadefence.org

Application: https://www.mediadefence.org/individual-cases

Languages: EN, ES, FR, RU

Digital Freedom Fund

DFF provides pro bono lawyers and sometimes regular litigators to enable human rights in the digital realm become more effective in their work.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: grants@digitalfreedomfund.org

Application: https://digitalfreedomfund.org/application-process/

Languages: EN



The True Heroes Awards Digest is an interactive database of Human Rights Awards and their laureates. The awards digest covers only international and regional awards, meaning awards which aim to award people from every country in the world or that region. Most awards state publicly one or more of the following purposes: (1) Protection of HRDs; (2) Recognition (moral support); (3) Material support (such as: cash, lobbying, introduction to decision makers, paid travel, access to project funding, training); and (4) Promotion of a specific cause. To help identify the latter the Digest has a searchable field called THEMES, which helps to narrow down the search. In addition award givers also want sometimes to keep alive the memory of the founder, honor an inspiring human rights hero, or in a few cases, combine the award with a fundraising drive.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Contact: hedigest@trueheroesfilms.org

Awards search: http://trueheroesfilms.org/thedigest/search