9 maart 2017

International Women’s Day


Celebrating International Women’s Day, Hague Talks and Justice and Peace collaborated for to promote the value of woman’s power in the society and their vital role for peace and accountability.

Kiruba from India, one of the speakers and a Shelter City participant shared her own story about the restricted and marginalized role of woman in her region, especially Dalits. Although she had been through a lot in her life, she never stopped struggling for her rights. In addition, she became a lawyer and now she advocates for her people’s rights as a member of the Supreme court. She is also an anti-caste activist striving for the annihilation of caste through social justice. By narrating her experiences to the audience, she gave food for thoughts as well as for questions about how accountability can be brought into women’s hands. ‘I will fight for those whose voice cannot be heard. Even if we fail, we have to carry on’, she said and ended her speech.

All the speakers from the same motivation of preserving and promoting women’s rights ended the night promoting the following message, ‘Through small steps, we will bring a change’

Click here to hear the story of Kiruba (starts at 14.30m)