2 oktober 2017

Fellowship with TMC Asser Institute

Shelter City

“For the human rights defenders that we work with, this fellowship programme can be of great significance. Not only do they enhance their research abilities and international network, but they can also apply the acquired knowledge and insights into their human rights work.” – Sebastiaan van der Zwaan, Director of Justice and Peace Netherlands

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Justice and Peace in collaboration with the T.M.C Asser Institute are proud to announce that as of October 1st, 2017, international human rights defenders from the Shelter City initiative will get the opportunity to conduct scientific research on human rights, international law and European law. Through the fellowship, Justice and Peace and the Asser Institute wish to establish a collaborative relationship that strengthens and supports the capacity of local human rights defenders worldwide.

The T.M.C. Asser Institute is an internationally renowned research center for international law and European law. It fulfils an important role in conducting fundamental and independent policy-oriented research and in providing a platform for international cooperation and partnering in fields of law at the cutting edge of academia and practice.

"We are grateful for this collaboration with Shelter City; we greatly value the knowledge and insights brought by the Shelter City researchers and human rights defenders to our institute." – Janne Nijman, Academic Director of the Asser Institute

The Shelter City initiative, which first started in 2012, provides temporary relocation and training to human rights defenders who are threatened in their home country due to their commitment to human rights. Human rights defenders not only receive vital rest and respite, but resilience training and opportunities to expand their knowledge and network. HRDs that qualify for the Shelter City criteria and who have a legal background and a track record on conducting research activities qualify for this programme and can apply once a year through the second call for applications each year in June.

One fellow per year for a period of 3-6 months will be hosted by the Asser Institute and Justice and Peace. The fellow will carry out a research project during the relocation period and take part in other relevant research activities of the Asser Institute.