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Welkom Hier

We believe that local solidarity is the key to a sustainable integration of refugees. With our Welkom Hier festivals and capacity building activities, we invest in the strength and visibility of the many local communities that support newcomers with their integration in society.

During the Welkom Hier festivals, new and ‘old’ comers meet and get to know one another, exchange their experiences and ideas, and build new friendships. With our capacity building activities we wish to strengthen the actions of the Welkom Hier network on the long-term.

Bringing people together to build a society where everyone feels at home is part of Justice and Peace’s commitment to the fair treatment and effective protection of refugees.

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"I am proud of our civil society! It appears that local solidarity is much more integrated in the society than you see in the media. So many people are actively working on the integration of refugees!"
Visitor Welkom Hier festival Delft

Strengthening local initiatives

Everywhere in the Netherlands, people have taken up the challenge to support refugees with their integration in society. Their efforts evolve into sophisticated initiatives and projects, adapting to the needs of newcomers, in addition to standardised government support mechanisms.

With festivals and capacity building activities, Welkom Hier showcases and strengthens the action and successes of these enthusiastic, innovative grassroots initiatives.

Changing the narrative

By giving a stage to local solidarity and to refugees, we want to show that local solidarity is alive and it is a force to be reckoned with. We offer an alternative narrative to those who claim that Dutch society cannot welcome refugees.

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“On the news you hear mostly negative stories about refugees, so you see them as a group and less like individuals. The contact with people today really repressed my prejudices.”

Visitor at Welkom Hier festival Leidschendam-Voorburg



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