Bernhard, getting designers to fight together with human rights defenders

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Raising Awareness

Together with the change makers in our network, we organise awareness raising events in the Netherlands. From informal chats with human rights defenders to festivals involving refugees, these events bring together people from all backgrounds and effectively bridge the gap between citizens and change makers.

When change makers lack international support, increasing their visibility in the Hague, City of Peace and Justice is a way to make their voices heard outside their usual network.

The main objective of these events is to involve the Dutch public in our work and to inspire institutions, policymakers and citizens to take action and to engage for human rights, because we believe that everyone is a potential change maker.

Our recurrent awareness raising events include the Martin Luther King Lecture, exhibitions featuring human rights defenders and encounters between students and Shelter City guests.

Awareness raising is also a constant concern in all of our programmes. For example, our Welkom Hier festivals make oldcomers and newcomers meet to show that local solidarity is successful in fostering refugee integration.