Antoine, giving newcomers a second chance

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Haagse Huiskamer

Haagse Huiskamer (The Hague living room) is a platform that brings people and organisations together to build a city in which all residents feel at home.

Through networking events like our “Women Only” and workshops focusing on specific issues like our acceleration sessions, we help develop new ideas to make The Hague truly resilient.

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Building a resilient city

In the past five years, many refugees have come to The Hague to escape from war and find a better life. We believe that investing in their integration creates a positive dynamic for the whole city, for newcomers as well as ‘old’ comers.

But making all inhabitants of The Hague feel at home requires new approaches, a long-term vision and a strong cooperative civil society. Only thus can we build a truly resilient city.

“The acceleration session gave us useful leads, expansion of our network and concrete ideas to continue with. We could never have accomplished this ourselves in such a short amount of time. “
– Founders of Eritrea Fietst Paul Driest and Marcel Kleizen

Facilitating collaboration

Haagse Huiskamer strives to build bridges between policymakers, entrepreneurs and newcomers, so that they can share ideas and learn from each other.

Together, we look for ways to accomplish the projects of people with solid ideas for the integration of refugees.

With our initiatives search engine, we look to increase the visibility and to extend the network of organisations in The Hague that work on innovative ways for integration.

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