European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)?

A European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) is the most visible and legally binding tool for direct democracy in Europe. If 1 million European citizens from at least seven member states sign the petition within a year, the European Commission will be obliged to hear the demands of the citizens in a formal procedure.

Who can sign the ECI petition?

To support a European Citizens’ Initiative, you must be an EU citizen (national of an EU member state) and old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (18 in exception to Austria where the voting age is 16). For further information on your eligibility to sign, please refer to the European Commission website.

Why do you need my passport information?

The rules for collecting signatures are drawn up by each EU member state. Some member states require different rules for collecting signatures, such as entering your passport number. All the information you enter will be saved on secure servers and will be solely used for the purpose of the ECI and validating your signature.

What will you do with my information?

Your information is firstly encrypted (so no one can access it) and is stored temporarily on a secure server in Germany. Once enough signatures have been collected in your country, they are handed over to the officials in your country who will officially verify the signatures. Once the ECI has ended, #WelcomingEurope campaign will destroy all the extra information supplied for the purposes of this ECI. The campaign’s ability to perform these tasks securely has been certified according to the requirements of the European Union. All EU data protection rules and law apply.