Martin Luther King Lecture


Young people are rising up all over the world. Through large-scale protests and small grassroots initiatives, they are managing to impress on both the public and politicians that the major issues of our time – from social inequality to migration, and from waste reduction to climate change – require urgent solutions. These young game-changers are managing to cut through the inertia and indecision that have long paralysed global politics.

Martin Luther King was a game-changer too. His non-violent struggle against racial inequality and racism inspired millions of people and encouraged them to stand up against injustice themselves.

The 2019 Martin Luther King Lecture is dedicated to game-changers. During The panel discussion, several young game-changers will talk about their ideals and initiatives.

The 2019 Martin Luther King Lecture – November 28th 19.30 – 21.15
Location: Main Building VU – Auditorium