All Souls' Day Commemoration

Public commemoration in honor of refugees who lost their lives on their way to Europe

Even today the borders of Europe remian a perilous place. On a daily basis men, women, and children lose their lives there; people who were searching for safety and protection. In 2016, more than 5.000 lives were lost, in 2017 more than 3.000 and this year 1.777* have sadly passed away (*October 2018, source: missing migrants IOM).

Lest we forget 

On Sunday November 4th, 2018 we pay tribute to the thousands of people who have often passed away in anonymity and silence. 

The programme consists of various speeches, stories by refugees, and a ceremony. Additionally, the dead are commemorated through musical and artistic performances. There are also events for children specifically. 

Everyone is welcome for this All Souls’ Commemoration.

Come, give your support, and show than we will not forget them.

This year’s commemoration in The Hague is organised by: Justice and Peace Nederland, Haagse Gemeenschap van Kerken, STEK, The Hague Peace Projects and UNICEF Den Haag e.o.

A #WelcomingEurope

With a more effective and humane European migration policy, a large part of the harm that currently affects refugees could be prevented. Therefore, we will submit the #WelcomingEurope petitie to the European Commission. Here, we demand that the European Union will grant a larger budget to organisations and citizens with concrete plans to help refugees and that the Commission will forbid the criminalisation of help to refugees.

  • Let us know whether you will be attending the commemoration on Facebook @JusticeandPeaceNL.
  • The programme will appear shortly on the following websites:

  • As mentioned, we are sending a petition to the European Commission in which we demand a humane migration policy. Every vote counts, and your signature can make a difference for a #WelcomingEurope. Sign here