Petition for a #WelcomingEurope

What do we ask?

Saving lives is not a crime. Stop the criminalisation of solidarity!

We are strongly convinced that humanitarian help should never be a crime. In 12 European Union member states, civilians can be fined or even arrested by their government for handing out food, buying a ticket, or offering shelter to a migrant. We ask the EU to prohibit member states from criminalizing humanitarian help to migrants and refugees.

Create safe passage ways through private sponsorship!

We believe there is an alternative to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in the Mediterranean. Since 1990, more than 36,000 migrants have lost their lives on their way to Europe. Increasing the number of safe and legal passage ways to Europe will decrease the number of lives lost in the Mediterranean. We ask the European Union to provide financial subsidy to private citizens who want to welcome refugees in their countries. 

Human rights are inviolable. Prevent exploitation and abuse!

We demand a Europe where everyone has access to justice when confronted with labour exploitation, abuse, or human rights violations. Currently, migrants at the EU’s external borders often fall in a legal void. We ask the EU to protect the victims of human rights violations, human trafficking and exploitation at our borders by setting up an effective complaints mechanism.

Why a European Citizens' Initiative?

This European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is not an ordinary petition. As an instrument of democratic power within the legal framework of the EU, an ECI that collects a minimum of 1 million signatures in the EU obliges the European Commission to initiate legislation in response to the initiative. Simply put, this gives citizens the authority to propose EU law. 

Accordingly, if our goal is met, our voices will be heard. We have until 15 February, 2019 to reach 1 million signatures (19.500 in The Netherlands). Every single vote counts, and yours will make a difference!

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European Partners

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