Justice and Peace Netherlands (Justitia et Pax Nederland) is a foundation under civil law. It is responsible for finance and personnel, and oversees the preparation and implementation of activities of the organisation.

The foundation has a board consisting of five members, as well as an advisory board (also called the commission for Justice and Peace). The commission is a platform of representatives of Catholic organisations and independent advisors in the field of human rights and social justice.

Members of the board

  • Chairman: Jan Henneman, former ambassador of the Netherlands, side activity: member of the Advisory Board of the Stichting Comenius Museum;
  • Vice-chairman: Piet Kuijper, Former Head of HR Department and Strategic Advisor at Cordaid, side activities: President Board Netwerk DAK; President parochial Caritas cooperating parishes city of Utrecht; Member Supervisory Board MIVA; Member Board Stichting de KIM;
  • Treasurer: Herman van der Laan, former diplomat International Labour Organisation, side activity: President Board VVE-Atlantic House, Rotterdam;
  • Monique Frank (Member), former Ambassador of The Netherlands, side activity: Member of the pilgrimage Committee of the Knight Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem;
  • Stephanie Joubert (Member), Programme Manager Mensen met een Missie, side activity: none.

Director: Sebastiaan van der Zwaan

Members of the advisory board

  • Chairman: Jan Henneman, former ambassador of the Netherlands;
  • Vice-chairman: Piet Kuijper, former manager at Cordaid;
  • Treasurer: Herman van der Laan, former manager at the International Labour Organisation;
  • Monique Frank, former ambassador of the Netherlands;
  • Miranda Iping, manager at Katholieke Radio Omroep;
  • F. Thoolen (SMA), missionary at Sociëteit voor Afrikaanse Missiën;
  • Yvonne Donders, Head of the Department of International and European Public Law at the University of Amsterdam;
  • Jakob de Jonge, director of the Hague Peace Projects (non-profit organisation);
  • Kees Kouwenaar, Senior advisor for International Strategy to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;
  • Fons Coomans, professor of International and European Law at Maastricht University;
  • Stephanie Joubert, Programme Manager Mensen met een Missie.