About us

Our approach

We take on a practical approach, so that we can adapt to the needs of a changing world. Through 50 years of experience, we know that the most effective way to achieve our vision is to support the action of local change makers – the people and organisations on the ground that are committed to making real positive change whether they are activists, artists, bloggers, lawyers, policy makers or volunteers, students and company directors.

By bringing people and organisations together, and providing these change makers with the tools, resources, and network opportunities to achieve their goals,  we are contributing to the promotion of human rights worldwide.

Our work

Justice and Peace supports change makers that focus on two  issues – the protection and integration of refugees and the protection of human rights defenders.

Through our initiatives, Welkom Hier, Haagse Huiskamer, and Samen Hier, and our advocacy work, we actively lobby for the safe passage of refugees to Europe and work to improve the integration of newcomers in the Netherlands.

With our worldwide Shelter City Network, we provide vital support to human rights defenders at risk with temporary relocation, the opportunity to take a break, expand their network, and access security trainings, so that they can continue their work safely and effectively over the longer term.

Our history

Since 1968, Justice and Peace Netherlands has been committed to promoting respect for human rights, social justice, local solidarity and democratic values all over the world. Originating from a worldwide movement stemming from the Catholic Church, under the name of ‘Justitia et Pax’, our organisation has committed to standing up for the rights and freedoms of everyone, everywhere.

Over the last 50 years, Justice and Peace has been involved in defending a range of human rights issues. From bringing to light the refugee crisis in Sri Lanka in the 80s, to supporting the peace process in East Timor, calling an end to the death penalty in Europe in the 90s, and advocating for mass pardons for undocumented migrants in the Netherlands around the new millennium, we have led efforts towards the protection of human rights defenders and the respect of rights of refugees.

We further share our expertise with the international community through our membership at the Human Rights and Democracy Network, as well as by holding a special consultative status at The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, and a participatory status within the Council of Europe.

To know more about our current projects, have a look at our initiatives.